Self-defense training for Chesterfield, Henrico, and Richmond, Virginia!

Private and Semi-private lessons in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do & Filipino Martial Arts

Learn the simple to learn, effective, easy-to-use strategies and tactics developed by martial arts legend Bruce Lee, advanced by his best friend, Dan Inosanto, innovated by Sifu Paul Vunak, and contextualized by his student, George Lacy!

Coming soon from George Lacy: “Contemporary Jeet Kune Do for the Non-Martial Artist.” A book and video course for self-guided study!

I started LPS (Lacy Products and Services) because I wanted to equip committed individuals and small groups with the most effective tools with which to defend themselves and their loved ones. To that end, I help untrained individuals and small groups of people achieve a high level of self-defense competency to protect their loved ones without joining an expensive martial arts school by meeting with them on their terms at an accessible rate.

Clients will receive time-tested mental and physical training tools and opportunities to equip them to survive difficult and dangerous circumstances to the best of their abilities, consistent with Progressive Fighting Systems’ methodologies.

Self-protection Training Options

I offer clients two training pipelines. First, you can choose to participate in my in-person Self-Protection Foundations Curriculum. This serves as an introduction to CJKD/FMA and how Progressive Fighting Systems thinks and acts as we teach. We will meet together on a weekly basis for in-person instruction. Additionally I will offer drills and information for you to engage with between our in-person sessions to aid in skill retention and mastery.

Your second option for training is to invest in yourself with the CJKD/FMA Self-Protection Mentorship Program. This program is more in-depth than the Self-Protection Foundations curriculum. We will meet more regularly, we will read books and discuss them together, as well as engaging in other educational and informational opportunities. It’s far more than simply piling a bunch of techniques on you, trust me.

Check back here for how you can receive FREE tools to help you get started on your self-protection journey!

It’s important to me that you have access to helpful resources to stimulate your growth and expand your knowledge!

How to contact me:
361-255-5496 or you can e-mail me to discuss becoming a Client.

Please specify which course of instruction interests you.

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